Stay curious! We are an Idaho educational nonprofit founded by native Idahoans in 2016. Our mission is to engage learners in technology exploration, innovation, and creation, with technology as a tool, through summer camp experiences and exploration. GetSet offers weeklong overnight camps for students 4th-11th grade, and day camps for grades 2-4, on a college campus, providing enriching out-of–school experiences, during the summer months. 


Our team creates as many experiences, and hands-on opportunities as possible, in STEM areas, with Boise State University and downtown Boise!  Our student to facilitator ratio of 1:8 and allows students to develop thoughtful and complex projects, in areas of their own interests, with expert facilitators so our campers leave with increased STEM awareness and 21st century skills.  


For example, campers visit the Maker's lab on campus, where they create a 3D printout, an afternoon in the computer lab will provide coding experience and time to complete a project, a tour of the Idaho State History Museum and activity with their innovation and tools artifacts bridges the old and the new technologies. Afternoon courses include: Moviemaking with animation, and Game design and development. We also have plenty of outdoor time for playing games with peers! 

GetSet camp provides a unique opportunity for Idaho youth to explore their areas of interests, be curious, and make friends, all while exploring Boise sites and her University campus.